Do you have depression?

@ypyanyan (956)
August 5, 2009 11:39am CST
I am tied recently.I find that I have depression.I don't want to exchange with others.I can't go to sleep a long time when I am in bed.It is dangerouse.
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@Citychic (4078)
• United States
5 Aug 09
Do you have depression? Hey Ypyanyan, why don't you go and see a doctor, they might be able to give you something to help you manage it. I found that exercise is one of the best strategies to help fight depression, so get up and start moving around. Plan yourself a thirty minute walk a day to help keep depression away. An apple a day will also help. Happy mylot.
• Philippines
6 Aug 09
maybe you just experience burn-out dear.. burn out that you dont want to do something and that you feel tired of everything and that all you want to do is just to stay at home or inside your room and sleep, i guess you need to do something different. you just need to unwind, have some vacation that makes you feel relax, like go to the beach and experience nature... sometimes we are too busy with our life that we are even forgot to have rest.. and like cars or machine. we also need rest to fuel ourself to the next task of our life... depression is crucial and have deep meaning. you cant just say your depressed unless you have the following symptoms. didn't get out from your room, dont want to talk to someone, cant eat, always subbing, cant sleep or have insomnia, dont want to go to shower coz you feel so lazy, dont bother to fix yourself infron of a mirror. if you experience those then maybe you are really depressed.
@tejas1794 (375)
• India
5 Aug 09
Hey friend, You might be going through some sort of stress...that may be a temporary.. So don't think continuously about that stressful event. Rather try to face it. change your lifestyle and spent some time with the people who are more experienced than you. Also ... sharing thoughts and getting advice on the problem may help. And lastly.. exercise, Yoga, meditation would help.... In GEETA.. Lord Krishna Said.. Do work (Karma)forget about results.... Try to keep yourself happy and ... importantly spend some time for your hobbies or for the activities that you like....Think positive ... Afterall its not just your life... there are many who needs you and your presence. for them be happy and healthy....