Having trouble with banners.

United States
August 5, 2009 4:02pm CST
I am fairly new to mylot and I am trying to set up my profile page. I am not a complete idiot when it comes to computer stuff, but I am having so much trouble with putting any type of banner on my page. I have read through the FAQ's of how to do it, but I am still having trouble. Can anyone help me out, maybe give me some pointers of how to do it? One of the banners I have that I want to use is one that you have to 'Save' somewhere on your computer first, so if I do that and then try to copy and paste, it just pastes the location description of it on my computer, and not the actual banner itself. Also, how do I link my website to a particular banner? Hope that made sense. Thanks for any ideas you might have.
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