Is my money making blog too BORING?

@oscar6 (1939)
United States
August 5, 2009 5:36pm CST
Hello mylotters, I currently only have 5 followers to my online money making blog. Im wondering whats wrong with my blog? Is it too boring? Many people have told me its a good blog but yet they are not following it. Constructive feedback from you would be great. My blog link is on my mylot profile page. Thanks!
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@2EarnMoney2 (1163)
• United States
5 Aug 09
1) Change your template, using one of the original templates just screams I don't care about this, and as such you shouldn't read it. 2) Add more things to your side bar, put a chat box widget, hit counter, Search box for starters. 3) Add "addthis" button and "retweet" buttons to your posts, allowing people to share your info easily. 4)Submit to some blog directorys to help generate traffic. 5) Tag your entrys and put a categories section on your side bar. So it's easier for people to see what your site has content on, and to surf it easier. 6) Change your font, it might just be because of your template, but it's not very readable IMO. 7) On your payment log, monetize some payment proofs and share them, at least one per site. 8) For the sites you review, give more info, minimum payout, payout options, who can join etc.
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@BuffMom (2215)
• United States
6 Aug 09
Very good advice! These are all very important if you wish to attract readers and followers. I have a good number of readers and I found its really important to update your blog often and also make it personal by posting personal experiences and opinions. If you don't do that it will just look like a simple copy and paste blog.
@meapas (2434)
• India
6 Aug 09
I did visit your blog, and I found it ok. Nothing boring about it.
@lifeplayer (1009)
• Malaysia
6 Aug 09
You need to input more unique quality post, not just copy and paste those banned into your blog. There are tons of "make money online" blog are doing the same by just putting those banner at their blog. Ask yourself, why your visitor shall follow your blog but not other? You need to have interesting quality content to attract your visitor. Again, content is the King