LA Fitness Rampage

August 5, 2009 7:27pm CST
hi there. have u heard the LS fitness rampage news from pensylvania? im not from this place but i was able to know it from the cbs news. the killer went to this club as named above and went into a room where there are several women doing some activity, what he did was put his bag on the floor and brought out his gun then, turned off the lights and point the gun from nowhere and had 30 gunshots before he killed himself. from the news itself this man was a loner and have not been with women and also depressed for not spending a good weekend. he has already planned this killing since january 2009 bur chickened out but again tried this august 2009 and succeeded nonsensely. the reason behind this is that he is lonely and depressed, my question is how to do you cope up with this problem to release the pain that one is feeling for us not to experience killing someone because you are not as happy as they are? will you be able to cope up with this? i hope not everyone is like this man who is rebellious for himself that leads to murder or take someonelse's lives.....
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