Mass Effect

United States
August 5, 2009 7:29pm CST
I bought Mass Effect on the Xbox 360 about a month ago on advice from a friend of mine. I've always been a big fan of rpgs, but someone never got turned on to the idea of the game. Anyway, I just finished playing it for the second time, and plan to start a third file very soon. For my first two plays, I chose the vanguard class and focused on using Liara and Garrus. I used Wrex a little bit when I knew there would be nothing but fighting ahead. I'm curious to see what character classes and party combinations other people like to use. Even though I only recently got the game, I've already logged about fifty hours. Let's share some experiences about this game.
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@Cranos (273)
• Belgium
22 Feb 12
I always play as a soldier. I use my party members for the biotic/tech powers. Though tbh those powers only really get good in ME2... For a squad I usually use Garrus and Wrex, but I like mixing up a lot so I used all squad members at one point in the game. Except for Liara, idk why but her biotic powers don't appeal to me.
@Cargoleta (726)
• Spain
7 Sep 10
My boyfriend and I played it together and we used the Infiltrator class. We pretty much always brought Garrus and Tali, sometimes Wrex. For some reason we never got really fond of the human characters...
• United States
13 Sep 09
i played as more of a warrior type and i used the human girl (I forgot her name lol) and garrus. i found that the best combo for someone like me.