Feel like i am in a hole and i can not get out

@jugsjugs (13045)
August 5, 2009 8:59pm CST
At the moment i know how i feel but i do not know what to do or how to do things so that all of us are happy.It is making me now so that i can not sleep and am feeling very insecure and all i want to do is run away from everything.It is not a nice feeling.
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• United States
16 Aug 09
Hi, I feel your pain, and totally understand, sooo many times I've thought of getting in the car and just going to a nice hotel and lock myself away for a couple days . The daily stress anxiety and grayness (depression) is a nightmare. I do take med for it but still have days where I don't wanna get out of bed, just want to sleep and b left alone. But so far I've resisted the earge to take off. Sometimes u just need a freakin break! Good luck and stay strong. Liz
• India
9 Aug 09
I do agree with all of you, the circumstances are responsible for all the things that goes around us, sometime our own created and sometime created by others and we overreact toit or to make things better and best we work hard and harder and at the end no one appreciate it at that time we feel very low it is sometime when we try our best but things work out in other direction. It does not mean that we should give up easily or there is no other way out. When we put our best then it will surely repay I think. I am also going in the same kind of situation were no help seem comming from any direction. can't share it also as people would think we are weak and take undue advantage of the situation. So we ourself have to try out to bring back the smile in our life be positive as much as possible and gather ourself to build ourself strong enough that no one can play with our emotions. oon you will find that you are free from all kind of depression. I am going to do the same and If this does not work then we can share the feelings and the things will turn out colourful. I invite you to be my friends. Promise not to let you down.
• India
6 Aug 09
I also going through a tough situation and sometimes fails to respond positively.I lost my job and really struggle to get new one and nothing going in a good way.Really it is depressing me a lot.Hopes everything will be back in track.
@meetvivek (226)
• India
6 Aug 09
I am also pretty much in the same situation.Nothing is going right in my life .I am running out of patience and my confidence has gone for a toss.Must say it a tormenting time but I have come to know that life is not a rosy bed at least not for me. Life is now pushing me down but I won't give up easily.I won't quit.My time will surely come and things will once again fall into place.So Don't worry :)