Do We Really Need Guns Today?

August 6, 2009 5:51am CST
Today, another tragedy has struck where a 48 year old man, turned his guns in a gym of women. The incident killed 3 women including one instructor who is recently pregnant and injuring 9 others, before turning the one of the guns on himself. I do not doubt the gunman's legal rights and status of his weapon ownership, however, as it turns out, most of the time, there is just no way the authorities can assure if these individuals will remain sane and orderly. So, like this overtime developed lunatic, who like a walking time bomb, will just explode with devastation and with catastrophic consequences as well. I am just sad especially for the family of the deceased gym instructor who has a child. I do understand that guns are legal in certain countries and are there for the people to protect the democracy and rights of the citizens. However, do we really need them to resolve anarchy issues? Can weapons really solve problems today? Weapon possession licenses today, really needs another perspective. With the abuse issues being more rampant, I just hope that the respective authorities will do more with their issue of permits or licenses; so as to curb and prevent such tragedies from happening. So, are you for or against gun ownership in your country? Do you believe that the ownership of guns can uphold the justice and democracy of one's country? Ref:
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