H1n1 at your country....

@lchiat (1070)
August 6, 2009 6:42am CST
Hi, H1N1 is the most scariest virus nowadays. At my country there are thousand plus of case but thirteen people are dead because of this sickness. At my school it started to spread around starting from last week. So i am now quite worry about it. I heard that there are twenty plus of suspected cases at my school. Hopefully the school will close down next week so that it wont keep on spreading again. How about at your country?
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@agv0419 (3029)
• Philippines
6 Aug 09
At first when H1N1 entered here in the Philippines we are alarmed but now that we are informed that only people who have weak immune system and had underlying illness are at risk if they going to have H1NI. If you are healthy nothing to worry about because it is self limiting illness it means that you recovered and gets well after even if without treatment. Taking Vitamin C, eating healthy foods, exercise and rest can boost your immune system. Nothing to worry about if your immune system is good. It is like an ordinary flu and we never talked about it here anymore.