What's your favorite App?

United States
August 6, 2009 7:41am CST
Hey everyone! I was just on my facebook page because I just realize I'm addicted to Mafia wars. I was just wondering what are some of your guy's favorite apps in case there's another app I missing out on because I just pay attention to mafia wars? Please let me know or throw some suggestions my ways! Thanks!
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• United States
15 Sep 09
My favorite is Farmville. I logon every day to farm my harvest and plant new vegetables. If you are needing help with making money on there, you can visit http://gameolosophy/games/online/farmville-seed-profitability which is how I keep about 50,000 coins a day on there.
6 Aug 09
I am also addicted to mafia wars- I think I am about level 32 or so just now. I am addicted to Farmville as well just now- basically you build your own farm up and have to plant and harvest crops. There is another game similar to Mafia Wars based on Pirates called Pirates: Rule the Caribbean but I am not as keen on that one.