Which character you like the most in the Harry Potter Series?

@jeeva_s6 (399)
August 6, 2009 11:58am CST
I would fancy the Weasley twins. They are awesome and their pranks used to drive me crazy. Their little expressions and their funny comments. What to say simply superb. What about you? Who is your favourite and Why?
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• Malaysia
7 Aug 09
It has to be Harry Potter, of course. I like the idea of a nobody becomes somebody. Even though he is just lucky in some incidents, he is still an interesting character to like. I think he should end up with Hermione.
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@bjcyrix (6910)
• Philippines
7 Aug 09
I really dont know which to pick. I mean with all the books, there are those characters that I wished had more roles, dialogues and appearances in some parts of the book. I wanted to get to know them more, their background, their life story. Something like that anyway. I want to read the Harry Potter series in a different point of view. Tom Riddle's point of view actually, 'cause it was not his series so we only get to view some parts of his background that directly relates to Harry Potter. I want to understand just what exactly happened that twisted his mind that much. Anyway, going back, I love ARagog, the giant spider, and Firenze, a centaur that was assigned to be their professor for the year during Umbridge's reign. As for the main characters, I really love Ron! He's just so fun to watch that he wouldnt even have to say anything but still he'll get a laugh out of you.
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@stlenst (20)
• China
7 Aug 09
Hey, the Weasley twins is my favourites too. And I aslo fancy Ron! I want to say he is the represent of us ordinary people in the Magical world. He is wonderful. He always feel afraid, but he's never left his friend. You've seen the chapter in which he play the chess, oh, HOW BRAVE HE IS! And I like the ending that he married Hermione.
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@rachel_ (36)
• Austria
20 Oct 09
Im not sure but i think i'll pick.. Syrius Black^^
• Philippines
8 Oct 09
I am an Emma Watson fan, I love Hermione Granger from the first moment I saw her in the film (okay, I confess, I had seen the first movie before I bought the series &grins*). The way she walks and talks [in her British tang], her over-the-top obsession with her magical studies, her being super smart and bookish, her tendency to be a superior, her love of her friends, I love the whole package. And she has grown up in front of us all, just the way Emma did, and I love how both turned out to be.
• Indonesia
17 Sep 09
Hermione Granger... But when she was small (Harry potter 1&2).. looks so cute, but when grown up.. not cute anymore.. hehe4 ^^ Than my favorite one is Dumbludore.. ^^
• Philippines
12 Sep 09
my most favorite character in the harry potter series are the weasley twins too. they are hilarious and really funny. it's just like they don't care if they get into trouble as long as they satisfy their curiosity. their best moment i think was when they decided to leave hogwarts when umbridge was the headmaster. it was legendary. lol.
• Iraq
29 Aug 09
I like Snape with his black chador and his icy face
@gelibean (159)
• United States
28 Aug 09
Even though she's strange I like Luna. She is really genuine and kind. I hate that people mistreated her just because she was a little odd
@imsilver (1668)
• Canada
10 Aug 09
Wow, i'm not sure I could limit it down to one. I loved the whole story. I agree about the Weasley twins, they're great for laughs. I adore Hagrid too. He seems like such a softy underneath all that hair. And Luna is fantastic some of the things she comes up with are hilarious.