Annoyance, Do not resent.....what do you think - your views?

@tuhpaul (475)
August 6, 2009 12:46pm CST
"Why didn't you tell her she was taking more than her share of room and encroaching upon your rights?" some one asked a young girl who was merrily describing an old woman who had taken a seat beside her in a crowded railway coach and crammed into the small space a bird-cage,a basket of apples and bundles numerous and varied. "It wasn't worth to trouble about it; we had such a little way to go together,' was the reply. What a motto that would be for a life-journey ! Do you think likewise? So many little annoyances are not worth noticing,so many small unkindnesses even may be passed by silently,because0 we have only "such a little way to go together." Is it really possible for us to overlook these -can we honestly ignore such things because we have a little way to go" together" ? Your views on this.
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@whyaskq (7532)
• Singapore
10 Aug 09
I find it a waste of time and effort to get annoyed over little things. Somehow I have trained myself to be oblivious to little things around me. It is not that I do no care. I care but what can I do. I learnt that if I have no solution to it, the best solution is not to get involve. Leave it to those who can solve it to solve it.
@GardenGerty (100380)
• United States
7 Aug 09
What a lovely sentiment. Most days I can behave this way, but there are times when I am overly tired, or some part of me is hurting and I fail ot look at the entire big picture of the short term inconvenience.