If you are due a Colonoscopy, what's keeping you from doing it

@venshida (4837)
United States
August 6, 2009 5:48pm CST
Well, I had my first Colonoscopy two weeks ago. The prep sucks big time. The procedure a piece of cake. The doctor found 2 polyps, and I am happy to say they were removed. The results were benign. If you have not had one, I would recommend you get it. I am glad I had mines.
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@liquorice (3901)
18 Apr 10
I'm going to have one tomorrow. Taking the preparation today, and that bit's no fun, I agree! I'm not too nervous about it as I know I'll be sedated and probably not remember much, but am hoping they don't find anything bad. I'm glad yours turned out to be ok. And I agree, it's best not to put off these things.