What's the best marrying age?

August 6, 2009 8:14pm CST
Do you have to be on your early 20's? 30's? Or is it about the maturity of the couple? I belong to a family where marriage doesn't last. Some of my cousins are not even married to their partner. I belong to a broken family myself and I don't want my future marriage to end up that way.
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@sweet_pea (3325)
• Philippines
9 Jun 11
True. The maturity of a person is what is more important than the number itself when deciding to get married. There are people who are old but have the maturity of an 18 year old. Priorities are also a consideration when a person decides to get married. Those who want to have a more stable life for their future family would tend to marry at a later age when they are already settled with their careers and has enough money to sustain a better future for their family. While those who really want to raise kids tend to marry at a much younger age. It is easier to have children when you are younger than when you are older. Still, what is important in any marriages is that it is founded by love and the couples will try their best to work hard to make the marriage work. Nobody wants to be in a broken family, and being one makes us exert more effort to make the relationship work so as not to be in a broken home again. I hope when you decide to get married, it would be one great marriage.
@LiAXaZu (184)
• Philippines
7 Aug 09
seems to me you already know the answer. :) it isn't about age but it is about the maturity of the couple involved. no matter how young or old they are, if they don't know the responsibilities connected with marriage, then they may have a difficult time. also, a couple should know when and how to compromise so as to meet each other half way. if you don't want your future marriage to end up that way, then chances are it won't because you are worrying about it. BUT don't think of it too much either. even if we are in a marriage that we think will last, problems may arise and we won't know what will happen. in the end it is still up to the couple how to deal with it. :)