please introduce Cheng-Kun Railroad

Hong Kong
November 13, 2006 8:24am CST
please introduce Cheng-Kun Railroad
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• Hong Kong
16 Nov 06
Cheng-Kun Railroad Cheng-Kun Railroad from the Sichuan Chengdu to the YunnanProvince Kunming, the span 1,134 kilometers, originally for thenational defense priority project, in July, 1958 beganconstruction, after repaired 61 kilometers to halt construction. InAugust, 1964 resumed work, after Great Cultural Revolution started anwork suspension, on July 1, 1970 the entire journey linked up. One ofChinese railroad main skeleton lines.
• United States
7 Jan 07
I recognize the ugly head of politics in the building of this railroad. A railroad is a huge benefit to the common citizen. But, a railroad is never built for that reason. Only with politics, greed, and corruption are railroads approved for construction. Historical facts support this statement. That is also the reason for lack of passenger trains in the US.