do you help calamity victims?

@pyre82 (103)
August 7, 2009 7:52am CST
recently we heard news or even experienced calamities like typhoon, tsunami, wars, floods, earthquakes from all over the world.most of the time local tv networks or different organizations organized foundations in order to help victims of these calamities. i did volunteer once in packing goods for victims of eruption and joined red cross co'z i believed in their cause. until now i give relief goods to victims of calamities. how about you? have you ever help or volunteered for such cause?
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@mac_0217 (74)
• Canada
30 Dec 09
I do help out victims of calamities. Recently my family, friends and I organized a relief operation on our own to give relief goods to typhoon and flood victims. We did a fund raising drive, then we bought goods like canned goods, rice, blankets, and other basic necessities and we went and distributed them to the victims of the calamity. I also give monetary help to missions organizations who I trust use the money wisely and help out less fortunate people. I am very active in giving and sharing the blessings I receive and I guess I have a passion to help and reach out to people who are in need. I do hope more and more people who have some extra blessing would learn to give and share them to the less fortunate ones.
@greenline (14864)
• Canada
27 Nov 09
Hello. Yes, people in countries in different parts of the world suffer the calamities you mentioned. I have not personally volunteered to help them right there on the site. But, I often make donations to international organizations which are helping them, e.g. World Vision, Red Cross. Any amount of contribution one can make is helpful to those poor people.