I think I am giving up!

United States
August 7, 2009 9:06am CST
Lately I am finding myself giving up on earning money at home. I no longer to GPT sites. I am slowly leaving my PTC sites. I truly hope mylot comes through for me and really helps me earn at home. I just found a job outside of the home. I start next week and I am very excited about it. Has anyone else recently started a job? what do you do?
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@blitzzz (129)
• India
17 Nov 09
Hey Kyles, I'm back after a long time. I know you're a home maker. Let me tell you what I learned. I just started a job for an US Employer two months back. I hope all my friends here will get benefited. We can earn money by working from home fulltime or part time. Have you ever heard of the "Virtual Job". That means working from home/any remote location. This saves alot of time for us & money for employers. These days most employers prefers that their employees should virtually. Working virtual means you can work on any field like CSR, IT related, Marketing related, etc.. You can choose from many jobs to suit your profile. Even if you do not have technical skills, you can work as CSR(Email support/chat support)from home. Thing is you'll be employed full/part time but difference working from home. Even a virtual assistant/personal assistant job would do. Please check some of these sites for these kind of jobs. * www.getafreelancer.com * www.scriptlance.com * www.odesk.com * www.limeexchange.com We can spend more time with our family and earn money too the same time. I am a freelance web designer/developer. So, I found a job related to IT. I am a Project Manager for a US Company. Working from home and making money. Mail me at venu.psg@gmail.com if you have anymore queries. Hope this helps! Do not give up :) Venu.
• Philippines
8 Aug 09
even if you find a job just go on with this website....enjoy and earn extra money...me, just register now....maybe i can share my opinions...constructive opinions...
• Malaysia
8 Aug 09
GTP sites are really slow earning sites that consume more time than being paid for. I am kinda fade up with certain programs and wanted to leave it to as it takes up most of my time which I can do something more meaningful and more benefits to it. I am also a college student and part time tutor and my tutoring salary is even more than the GPT sites payment. No doubt the GPT pays but it takes time and based on monthly salary, GPT sites give me 1/20 times of my salary.
@patofgold23 (5075)
• Philippines
8 Aug 09
I'm not giving up on making money from the internet...coz I am actually making money from the net..it depends on how you do it, and you have to be careful what sites you join, and only join,,,you can't join every site that oofers to help you earn money... you only have to join a few good ones! happy myLotting! =)
@GardenGerty (102593)
• United States
8 Aug 09
Last November I went from being part time, less than twenty hours a week at a direct care position to full time, direct care then to program coordinator, supervising the direct care staff. It is a lot of change. I still earn on MyLot, and I have learned about some other things through MyLot, so I am earning a little more. It comes in handy.
• United States
7 Aug 09
Congratulations on your new job! I just got a job at a nursing home as dietary aide, so I serve a lot of the residents their food there as well as take orders- it can be rough and tiring doing kitchen work, but the money is good. What job did you get? Don't expect mylot to give you much money at all though, if you hope for that too much you may be disappointed because earnings are pretty low, or more so, slow! For me it has become easy, because I have always enjoyed discussions here, so it's an easy distraction from my earnings pot haha. Always make sure you are having fun or you will get bored fast waiting for the money.