The craziest thing happened...

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August 7, 2009 11:17am CST
Okay, so there was this bank "ransom" which happened not too long ago. He told this teller "This is a ransom, put the money in the bag!" or something along those lines. Well, normally you would expect the guy to just stuff the money in the bag without a second thought. But THIS guy was different. According to what he told interviewers, he found it suspicious that this guy said "ransom" instead of "robbery". He also stated that he thought the guy looked nervous. So he said to the man, "Show me your weapon", to which the felon replied, "This is a verbal ransom." After hearing that, he threw this guy's bag to the and chased him down. Eventually, with the help of another bystander (Why didn't HE get the credit, too? Cover of anonymity, perhaps?), he finally pinned the guy down, and the local authorities apprehended the felon! So what did this guy get? A medal? A pay raise? No... He got freakin' FIRED FROM HIS JOB! According to him, when a bank gets robbed, you're supposed to comply with the robber in order to prevent endangering the general public. But here's what gets me... He didn't HAVE to comply! He used his brain to figure out that this guy had no weapon, and prevented what would have been a bank robbery! There is a saying, no good deed goes unpunished, and in this case it couldn't be more true. I mean, couldn't they see that he knew what he was doing? Didn't they see the way he read this guy like a book? I mean, his superiors should have just recognized his genius and commended him for his intelligence in handling that situation! In an interview later on, when he was asked whether he would do it again, he said he would. And I don't blame him.
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10 Aug 09
it seems unfair that the guy got fired over this
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14 Aug 09
I think it is, too, I mean, here he thought everything out cleverly, and he's being punished for it. It's backwards!