Inventions That Would Make Your Life Easier?

United States
August 7, 2009 6:59pm CST
If you could invent something that would help you out in your everyday life, what would it be? Be as creative and original as you can! I would invent eyeglasses that have built in night vision. Just because that is awesome and who doesn't love to stroll around in the dark like nobody's business. :p
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@kelly10 (678)
8 Aug 09
I love watching TV and love how Sky has the automatic planner where you programe in your fave programmes etc so it turns over straight away when it is starting. What I think would be a great improvement to this is that it stores it in its memory series that you watch so that when a new series of it is starting it is automatically set. The reason for this is that I have sometimes missed trailers for the new season of programmes that I like and therefore I miss the first episode and sometimes don't find out about it until I missed too many episodes or the very last episode. Maybe I'm a bit sad but I think that it would be really good. What do others think?