My monthsary gift for him:)

August 7, 2009 8:22pm CST
monthsary gift for honey - This is a postcard like made in some stuff.. This will be my cover for the upcoming scrapbook album soon. I am just collecting some pics to print.
My boyfriend is not here right now. I miss him. Last Monthsary, I made a little something for him. haha. I thought of making a card online but when I went to the mall, I saw some paper crafts and other stuff for scrapbooking. I just bought some stuff.. Red cardboard, green paper like, small letters that forms I love you Honey... and I cut off some pictures then post it there.. haha... some stickers too. Take a look. I took a picture then send it via his Email and uploaded it in his friendster. I plan to make it as a cover to the upcoming scrapbook... for our anniversary.. lolz.. I just hope that he'll go home. It has been tough year for us.. in our relationship though. Aja! Aja! Thanks for reading my discussion! cheers!