party outfit

@wmraul (2557)
Bucharest, Romania
August 8, 2009 2:09am CST
Let see how do you really love to get dressed if you are about to go at a full night party - not in a club / pub / disco. Do you follow the fashion trend ? Do you wear some special kind of clothes ? Is there a favourite colour ? Me personally I love going to parties and been to lot of - there most of people who organise it know that I usually get the "picture taking" role, while I love to surprise party people in most unusually situations .. :-P That's why I wear things I can easyly pass by undetected :-P
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• United States
9 Jul 10
WOW there are alot of people here scared of spilled drinks and I think maybe you shouldn't party with such Sloppy Drunks Yuck. I lick to dress up when we go out but it depends where we are going. like concerts and live music is cause for a cute top and jeans with comfy heels, Clubs I might wear a dress or skirt with heels but a house party it just depends how I feel that day but It would definitely be more dressed up then my everyday clothes I wear for errands/housework.
• Philippines
12 Dec 09
I love party outfits that don't get really wrinkly.I have a black jersey ruched dress that I wear at parties.I love party clothes in black.I also wear wedges.I don't want to be tripping on the dance floor.I don't like light colored dresses because of the stains when I or somebody else spill a drink on my dress.