Is it necessary to have a credit card to create a paypal account?

@shubhamv (152)
August 8, 2009 4:48am CST
Do we need to have credit card or a bank account to create a paypal account? I just want to do shopping online and earn money through different sites and transfer the money into my paypal account. So please tell me if I need to have a bank account or credit card for that!! Thank You!!
2 responses
8 Aug 09
No you do not have to have a credit card to have a paypal account. You can link it to a bank account if you wish, but I think this is only available in certain countries and I am not sure if you will be able to verify your account or not- again this varies depending on the country you are in.
@rahulda (94)
• India
8 Aug 09
I have a paypal account. Paypal has not accepted my card number though. If u dont have a credit card the transactions u can do will be limited. Not aware of what they are now. It used to a max of $500 of sending and receiving money if no credit card.