Do you view anything in different angles, not just in yourself angle?

@sutent (1061)
August 8, 2009 6:11am CST
Hi, We often view things in ourselves angle, even make a judgement on it without any consideration from others or in others's angle. That is aslo a very important reason cause our quarrel with each other. Maybe it would be ok, if we view it in oppisite side angle. Do you view anything in different angles, not just in yourself angle? How often? Happy mylotting!
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@Wismay (2038)
• India
8 Aug 09
I always do it. Just naturally it happens with me since childhood. I analyze from all points or you can say from others' point of view too. It is good many say but it also make you suffer from indecision. You know it from so many angles you have different possible ways to respond. And that affects your speed of decision making. Many think, I am slow in taking decision but the truth is I consider all the possibilities and that affects the speed of decision making. Overall it is good to have different points of view and considering all the possibilities. That helps you in taking most accurate decision if not the perfect one!
@sutent (1061)
• China
8 Aug 09
Hi, I am envious of you always view anything in different angles, as i consider it was important to make best decision. i never imagine it can affects the speed of decision make. But you are right, viewing in different angles definetely decline the speed. So just to make a balance on it. Happy mylotting!
@Jayrent (128)
• Philippines
8 Aug 09
I will listen to the other person and once it is opposite to mine, i will say something right away. If it goes with mine i let it going. Sometimes i am one sided and sometimes i am logical. Anything said to me or done to me, i see the good and bad in it. Usually i will keep the argument and exchanging of words until i understand and the other to understand.