Do you like singing in KTV?

August 8, 2009 8:12am CST
Now KTV is very popular here.When friends get together,they usually go there and sing to have fun.As I am not good at singing,I practice a lot in KTV. So is KTV popular in your place?Do you feel like singing there?
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@sarafii74 (106)
• Australia
10 Aug 09
Hello,yunlong. Most of my friend like go to KTV, but I don't. I alway keep on eating while my friends' singing. I don't like the noisy and stuffy place, fortunately, now my friends more like to go to the restaurant and just chatting. Or do some outdoor or indoor sports, that's much better for health, isn't it? Have a nice day!
• China
10 Aug 09
Thank you for your response,my friend.Yes,KTV seems a bit too noisy and crowd.Usually I would choose a quiet place to have fun with my friends.But sometimes when I hear some songs which I love very much,I will go there and practice singing them.haha~
• Australia
11 Aug 09
So are u good at singing? Actually I am bad on it. Haha~~That's also one reason why I don't like to go to KTV. But if I have pressure, I would like to go to KTV to release my pressure. After singing, for me it's like yelling, my mood would get better but my throat is hurting a lot.
• China
12 Aug 09
hi you guys i love singing in KTV and can select what i want to sing , and i can just try all music POP PUNK CLASSIC and even CHIND songs, when i am depressed i will call some of my friend to go to KTV and after i come back i felt much better. it make me forget something and sometimes in KTV i can have better communication with our friends
@Sir_bobby88 (8244)
• Singapore
9 Oct 09
Well i don't KTV is popular in my country yea .
@mymelodake (1339)
• Philippines
9 Sep 09
My friends love to sing karaoke, but we do it mostly during special occasions. I'm not crazy about it the way they are, but I enjoy hanging out with them and having fun at the karaoke bar. I don't sing very much, especially when there are people present that I am not very close to, but when it's just us friends, then I let loose and sing!
• United States
11 Aug 09
i am not a good singer,so i don't like to go to KTV.