why did my father always worry about our lifes?what did you hope like that ?

@bingchen (1126)
August 8, 2009 9:09am CST
my father is get older and older and retire,maybe this is good thing for him sharing the good rest of his life,but he always worry about our lifes and come to my living and help me to do something,but i hate what he done,this make me feel that i could not live independence and don't hope that he always look after him,so i am angry at him,i know what i have done hurt him deeply,but i still do like this and adhere to my rule of life,what did you met this thing?what did you do about it and give me some advice.
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@EliteUser (3971)
• Australia
25 Sep 09
Hey, Yea that is true, but don't worry, you are not the only person in the world like this. Even my parents are like this, but worse! I am an adult, and they won't let me access my bank account and other things. Now that is bad! Make sure you have a good day, God bless and Happy Lotting!!
@dengyl (59)
• China
16 Aug 09
In fact , I haven't have such problems till now .For my father is still strong .He is the pillar in my family.He is the person who offer me the feeling of safety.He will be old one day , but I will try my best to advoid such thing happen.
• Malaysia
8 Aug 09
bingchen, please do not get angry with your father. for him, you are always a small kids, no matter how old you are now. maybe you can help him to find some hobbies, so that he got no time to bother about your life.