How much do you get ripped off by tuition??

United States
August 8, 2009 12:28pm CST
I think college tuition prices are outrageous. I have to pay $1000 per class plus numerous fees like $350 for library use every semester...yet I can only print out $20 worth of materials. Does this sound fair to you? How much are you getting ripped off?
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• Philippines
14 Aug 09
Indeed outrageous. I'm paying P4,930.74 Philippine money for my laboratory fee which is only 3 hours a week with no internet connection and sometimes no classes due to holidays and school activities. A registration fee of P441.04 just for registration. A library fee of P767.03, sad to say I'm paying this much and I only visit the library very seldom and I seldom borrow a book. Fees that I'm not benefiting from are Athletic Fees, I could hardly borrow a ball, Guidance which I haven't experience telling my personal problems ever since I first enrolled in college, Prisaa, SSG, Audio Visual, I watch television here very seldom. Special Development Fee which I'm not active to. Even on graduation fees They are also over pricing it. The school is pricing us students prepaid and they could hardly offer discounts. I understand of their way of business of profiting more on students because parents are willing to pay for their children's education, improving the facilities, salaries for the teachers and other employees and infrastructures in the school. Anyway in spite of that what I'm ripping off my tuition is the security, the shelter and most importantly the learning the teacher's taught.
• United States
10 Aug 09
I payed $20 for two entire year of education at a community college and get extra scholarship money. All I pay for is books and I get them online so I get a lot of money just for going to school. I hope I get a pell grant next year when I transfer
9 Aug 09
In England we pay £3225 in tuition fees per year. This doesn't include stuff like books, trips etc. We get a loan to pay for stuff like that, and if we pay rent as well that loan is supposed to cover that. We also get a loan for the tuition. I think anyone can get a loan if they want to go to uni as long as you are under 60, but it depends on your household income. I think £3225 is very expensive, and it goes up very year. Students in Scotland don't pay anywhere near this amount, and as mentioned before that is the bare bones without books, equipment, accomodation etc.
@abenitez (501)
• United States
9 Aug 09
I am with you on that one. My classes are about $1300 apiece, it is just ridiculous. Education is great but it is a pretty big price to pay.
• United States
8 Aug 09
The cost involved is the only reason I am not in college. I think that we should take education more seriously (as a society) What's the first thing that gets cut when the budget is tight? Education? Seems that way. But these kids will be the ones running the country in the future. They will be voting citizens. They will be our politicians. It is in our best interest that everyone receives all the education they desire. Don't you think higher education should be made available for free? I do. We will prosper as a nation if we are an educated nation. Yes, those prices are outrageous. IMO.