How to get active referrals?

August 8, 2009 3:06pm CST
Hi everyone! First of all, I'm new to Mylot, seems like a great little community! I've been to "money making sites" before but I haven't really put in the time of effort in the past and have never received a payout. One thing that I've learend from these types of sites (ie. mylot, ptc sites, etc) is that gaining referrals is key if you want to gain any sort of income. Does anybody have any tips on how to gain active referrals for my programs? Also, if anybody has some good money making sites, that they have been paid out from and highly recommend, then please don't hesitate to add me as a friend and refer me to some sites! Thanks all.
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@ajai88 (53)
• Malaysia
8 Aug 09
ello..actually i'm new in this community-like portal always thinking about how to gain referrals.i wonder how..
• Canada
8 Aug 09
If you learn any tips, pass them along and I'll do the same!
@tdemex (3547)
• United States
8 Aug 09
You are correct! You need to learn marketing! Check my site profile back to the basics! It's free and the info is there! Hope to talk to ya soon! tdemex
• Canada
8 Aug 09
I added you, I'll check out your site. Thanks!
@HeidiD (167)
• China
9 Aug 09
I'm not old then. I want to learn something from this discussion. I think referrals is not easy to develope. Happy myLotting! Earn a lot of money! Good luck earing on the Internet:)
@thokius (426)
• Austria
9 Aug 09
Hello sleblanc17, I don't know any good ways to get refferals but if I learn any I'll tell you. Cheers! Thok
• South Africa
9 Aug 09
This is pretty much impossible, to me at least. Well there is few myLot videos on YouTube. Also I heard that you get extra money at 100 post but I'm not sure. All I know is that people is getting money here without referrals, so maybe give it a go. You can also do tasks to get extra money. Good luck!
• Philippines
9 Aug 09
Well, I have been trying it out for quite some time. but people are really not into the mylot thing. that's why i created my own promotion. how ever, the main for that is to see how mylot good is. if you ever get active referrals, make sure that you know how to take care of your referral and not leave him/her out of the loop..
• Indonesia
9 Aug 09
I haven't made any blog yet, but I heard it's a good way to get referrals. Beside make a website or blog, I think you can do it in front of your friends or relatives and I'm sure they will ask what you are doing. Then answer them that you're making extra money. Then explain to them and it's good if you have payment proof. Show it to them and ask them to try. Send your referral link to them via email. Another thing is, never ignore your referral. Help them since they are new in this site. Guide them and I'm sure they will stay active. I've seen many people don't care about their referrals and it's bad. Since they are your friends or relatives you can always contact them, talk about many things then you can ask about how they are doing or get, and offer them some help. Finally, you can give them some money each month, maybe 50% of referral earnings you got from them.. That's mt suggestion to get active referrals without make blogs or websites. I've try it and it works, but of course I don't get hundreds of referrals but all my referrals are active