healthcare in america

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August 8, 2009 6:00pm CST
Maybe healthcare should be closer to the fire department, police force, and probably most close to public school teachers. All these people are paid by the taxpayers, because they serve the community as a whole. When i was growing up, i needed and education, so the DISD ( Dallas Independent School District) payed the teachers to educate me. If there is a fire in my house, a group of fire fighters and a firetruck would rush to my house; to try and put it out. All these are government run programs, that are so routine that we don't even recognize them. But if public education was to fail, there would be riots and protestors out fighting for education. If the government will pay to keep firefighters on staff, shouldn't there be some sort of plan to help me in case of a medical emergency? Is protecting my house and all my materialistic possesions more important than a blood clot in my brain? I can refurnish my house, i can't get a new brain.
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8 Aug 09
I agree with you, wholeheartedly. Right now, with insurance, a visit to the emergency room is $2500 to enter, $250 per hour, if you get ambulanced there, it is $100 per mile for transport, $80 for oxygen, $75 for a disposable blanket, etc. Have you seen the movie, "Sicko"? It chronicles other countries that already have universal health coverage. It's hard right now, because so many propagandists and lobbyists for the insurance companies are trying to dispel all that is good about it, and its plum ridiculous they would look a gift horse in its mouth. I will tell you something else, I just got told by my dentist, that, even though I paid my share of $1800 for a bridge, my insurance is refusing to pay what they owe, so now I have to fight them on it. It sucks, claim forms take time, working all the administrative stuff out is very aggrevating and timeconsuming.