Are you a POSSESSIVE lover?

@jazzbabe (166)
August 9, 2009 1:14am CST
I have girlfriends and some guyfriends at work who cannot go out whenever we have some group outing or group dates because they have partners who won't permit. And it kinda puzzled me how possessive they're partners are the fact that they are not yet married and don't have that bigger responsibilities yet. So how about you, are you a possessive lover? Or is your lover possessive? How do you deal with such possessiveness?
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• China
16 Aug 09
yeah i agree with you, sometimes i just be puzzled with this problem and i try to know the reason, then i find myself a little possessive but not so much. when my boyfriend has dinner with other girls or help a girl especially a very charmful girl, i just feel envy and jealous about that. sometimes i quit the change to go out with the friends just want to afford the time to be with him i do not know why maybe almost us have this problem
@jazzbabe (166)
• Philippines
17 Apr 10
Hi ivy! I guess it's a normal thing to feel jealous at times. But I don't think changing the times to meet with your friends just so you'd be with your boyfriend is pretty cool. I don't think it would hurt your relationship if you also give time for yourself to enjoy with other companies like your girlfriends maybe..Sometimes it's also good if you give yourselves spaces to miss each other. mushy.:)
@mikeyo105 (125)
• Hong Kong
9 Aug 09
I'm not possessive with my girlfriend and i give her her space whenever she needs it.. but i would say that i do get jealous when she greets her guy friends with hugs and kisses(on the cheek).. i hate seeing it.. i've accepted it and I don't make a big deal about it but I pretty much only like seeing her on that comfort level with me..i know it's weird but i can't help it.. i'm not super clingy nor do i restrict her and i feel like we're on the same level when it comes to the boundaries on seeing other guys/girls which is good.. we both seem to be pretty casual with meeting friends and even friends of the opposite gender as long as it's not 1 on 1..
@jazzbabe (166)
• Philippines
10 Aug 09
That is so mature of a behavior you have there mikeyo! I thought your girlfriend should give you credit for being such a trustful boyfriend. Not all men would come to accept and don't give much of a deal to seeing their girlfriends greet guy friends with hugs and kisses! I don't think you are possessive, but yours is just right for a mature loving relationship. ;)
• Philippines
24 Mar 10
I think I am a possessive partner. I get easily paranoid if my partner does not tell me his whereabouts. But when I get too possessive sometimes it doesn't look good because I end up blaming him for something that he did not do. But the good thing is that he assures me and eases me during that moment. Bit in general, I believe that I am a possessive individual not only with my partner but with my close friends as well and my family as well.
@suprad1 (251)
• India
17 Aug 09
It is true that no one wants to be tied up by possessiveness of their partner. One has to be bound by total love from their partners which has to leave a breathing space too. If such love or possessiveness is suffocating, the relationship turns out to be abusive. If the basic attitude of one partner is of possessivenes, I dont that any amount of talking out will be of any help. The other partner will almost be a slave and will definitely lose his/her self esteem and confidence.