Bus Driver didn't let my little sister on the bus!

August 9, 2009 1:31am CST
I had to go pick her up. She is a 12 year old girl in highschool. The reason was because apparently the bus had no more space in it, but she and the teachers said there were space. The bus driver just told her she couldn't go on and quickly drove off. Chicken, much? I mean what if her mother and I were both working? Even more other children, who would pick them up then? Parents expect for there children to come safely home from school on there bus. What do you think of this? By the way, we complained to the bus company, and they said they would call us back by Monday the latest. Already a week has gone past and no phone call. What a service.
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@yelrihs (299)
• Australia
9 Aug 09
Same thing happened to me, many many times. The tram driver left me after waiting for ages on the tram stop, because he reckoned the tram was too full to fit me in, eventhough its obvious there were still many spaces left. its devastating. they also never wait for you even when they do notice that you have been running around trying to catch his tram. unbelievable.
@taogang (103)
• China
9 Aug 09
What?12-year-old sister ?want to be picked up?why did not she went home personally?But the attitude of the bus company is sure impolite,Anyway they should give a response to you ....
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• India
9 Aug 09
ohh..in my country the bus driver never says no..n he doesn have any right to say no.he is supposed to stop..no matter how heavily crowded it is.the option of getting in is left to customer. the bus service wouldnt have done this.they should've taken some action on the driver.he hasn stood by his duty. better u complain again and watch out for results.. hope it never happens again