when do you say enough is enough?

August 9, 2009 10:34am CST
"When you love someone, when do you say enough is enough?" The first time i heard this question is when I was in high school in the movie of Julia Roberts and Bad Pritt which is titled The Mexican. I was moved by the answer of the kidnapper and Bad Pritt which is "NEVER!".. When you truly love someone.. there will never be an enough is enough.. You will learn to accept all the flaws. You will help that person fix all that flaws to make that person better or if not, you will learn to accept it and embrace it. I've been into a relationship that had caused a lot of pain in my life.. A relationship that made me sacrificed a lot of things. A relationship that made us say and do things to each other that had hurt us so bad. I wish I could take all my mistakes back because unfortunately she doesn't have the same concept of love with me. She already had enough. But despite all the things that she has done to me, I still want to spend the rest of my life with her.. I will forever be loving her...