when do you say enough is enough?

August 9, 2009 10:34am CST
"When you love someone, when do you say enough is enough?" The first time i heard this question is when I was in high school in the movie of Julia Roberts and Bad Pritt which is titled The Mexican. I was moved by the answer of the kidnapper and Bad Pritt which is "NEVER!".. When you truly love someone.. there will never be an enough is enough.. You will learn to accept all the flaws. You will help that person fix all that flaws to make that person better or if not, you will learn to accept it and embrace it. I've been into a relationship that had caused a lot of pain in my life.. A relationship that made me sacrificed a lot of things. A relationship that made us say and do things to each other that had hurt us so bad. I wish I could take all my mistakes back because unfortunately she doesn't have the same concept of love with me. She already had enough. But despite all the things that she has done to me, I still want to spend the rest of my life with her.. I will forever be loving her...
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@shenfei (188)
• China
10 Aug 09
I appreciate one sentence in your post. That is "You will help that person fix all that flaws to make that person better or if not, you will learn to accept it and embrace it". Here in my relationship, yes she is helping me fix all my flaws to make me better, but now it is like almost everything I do or say is wrong or different from her expection. So criticism and picking words are what I hear all the time. She won't learn to accept or embrace anything. I know I am not perfect. I have a lot of flaws. Yet I am doing some improvements. It is just there are something inside me, makes me be me. It is hard to change. I hope no one takes this as an excuse because it is true. Now subconsciously I become quiet and not do a lot of things I usually do(avoid her harsh words). It makes us communicate less. And I think a rift appears in our relationship.
• United States
10 Aug 09
Speaking from experience when the one you love hurts you and keeps hurting you over and over again it's like taking a ride on the "incline railroad". And as you keep riding further and further down getting your heart chipped away at - finally at the end of the line you just don't have a drop of love left in your heart. At least this is what happened to me - after a long period of being hurt over and over again, I just didn't love him anymore. I'm talking of a span of many years (16 or more on and off). Now looking back I don't know what I ever saw in my 2nd husband. I was so stupid when I was young; I wasted so many years on 2 men who were totally wrong for me. For all you younger women out there don't waste your time in an unhappy &/or painful relationship plus don't allow you kids to suffer also and know that you don't need to rush into a relationship - be patient and true love will come your way.
@mjmlagat (3171)
• Philippines
10 Aug 09
hello there! your heart is gold and your loved one must treasure it for seldom can we find someone as loving and considerate as you. just be reminded that there is no perfect relationship that in every relationship, one or the other must learn to give and to forgive if he values it...i wish you all the luck and love in the world.
@ysobelle (202)
• Philippines
9 Aug 09
There is no limit in love. But if all things could not be fixed anymore I think it is the time to let somebody go. I can sense you are a great lover, if you can still bear the pain and she still loves you, perhaps you can still continue your relationship. If you have enough respect and trust to each other you still have the chance to fixed things up. Just remember trust is the foundation of love. Sometimes if we love someone we seemed to be blinded of some things. To be hurt is part of being in loved. Happy mylotting !