Cell Phones

@mequan (141)
United States
August 9, 2009 12:40pm CST
Children now a days believe that cell phone sare needed for everyday life. My son wants a cellphone and i tell him no.I dont belive that he needs a phone when hes with me.But he says what about when he is not with me.I dont know if i should allow him to have a cellphone or continue to say no and wait until he is a little older because he is 13 now.
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@madhuvamsi (1185)
• India
9 Aug 09
I started using cell phone from age of 25 years and that too it was bought with my own money, my father did not give me any cellphone or mobile. He use to say it is useless for me and I had no business with it. What I want to say is I lived without cell phone when I was at your son age. So, one can live without cell phone. If your son is in school and then you can call the school authorities to contact him and if he is in home then you can call home and speak to him. Finally if you feel that it is unncessary at this age then respect your decision. But if you do not want to disappoint your kid then buy Nokia basic models. Do not buy very costly mobiles, buy a mobile which is only useful for talking purpose only. In one school I saw a child was having very costly mobile phone with camera,etc. The school is beside my appartment and from my balcony, I saw the kid was switched on the camera of mobile and filming a women who was bathing in the hut which was near the school. Sometimes, technology is misused, so, now the decision is in your hand. I will give a mobile phone to my son at an age of 18 years but not a costly one at all.
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@weasel81 (2501)
• Australia
9 Aug 09
tough call, i'm not a big fan of kids having mobiles. you get things like cyber bullying (that what the school calls it)plus other sorts of trouble, but then you've also got peer pressure along the way on his friends having a mobile and he doesn't. but if you were to let him have a phone, pre paid will be better and make him work for his money to recharge it. depends on where you live also, i'm in the country. i got my first phone for chrissy when i moved out of home and it was easier to talk to my parents when i wanted to, and not go down the house to phone them.