The upcoming Ninja 250 (2010?)

August 9, 2009 1:51pm CST
I've been following the progression of the Ninja 250R's recently in America as I'm looking to get my first bike. I'm excited but don't know whether it's worth waiting for the new 2010's or if I should just save a bit of money and get an '09. What experiences do you all have with a 250R? Was it your first bike or just a fun bike to ride? Any aftermarket mods you've put on? What's your overall impression of the bike? Is there a better started bike?
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• United States
22 Oct 09
First of all I will tell you that I do not know everything about bikes but I have been riding for about 4 1/2 years now so I do have some advice for you.... My first bit of advice is that if this is your first bike, do not buy brand new. I can not stress this enough. The common idea behind that is that "it isn't IF you drop your bike, it's WHEN you drop your bike". I dropped my first bike on something as silly as gravel. It hurts, I was lucky to be okay and the bike only suffered minor scratches. But I really can't stress enough, I wouldn't buy your bike brand new. However, if you do make sure you have gap insurance. It really doesn't take much to total a bike. My first bike was a 2005 250 Kawasaki Ninja. I loved the bike but I can assure you that you will quickly get tired of it. When you get her to speed all is good, but getting to speed, not so good. They are small bikes. Not much hoof behind the horse though. Which references me back to my last point, if you get sick of it in a year and have a lien you could be very well stuck with it until you get the loan taken care of. My second bike I bought a year later. It is a 1999 Kawasaki ZX6E. I am not fond of the weight. She is an older bike so she is heavy. But everything else is perfect. She has awesome take off power, awesome handling, and can maintain speed and picks up speed quickly. I am trying to sell her because I want newer and lighter next year. Like I said, my bike now is heavy. Between 450 - 500lbs dry weight. I am 5' 6" and maybe a 120lbs soaking wet. I want something a little easier for me to maneuver and what not. I would seriously say to you that you should consider a bike in the 600 range for your first bike. Don't waste time on the 250. It's not worth it. I promise. And I would seriously recommend buying used. They are everywhere and you can get some really great prices on used bikes. Good luck on your purchase!!
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• Mauritius
17 Mar 10
Man i was going to buy the 2010 kawasaki 250, now we have the ZX6R which is beating out the honda fireblade, 1000 and hornet on drag races, are you sure about what you are saying, the 250 2010 has an awesome acceleration and starting power, 100km/h in 5seconds or so, its very versatile but you are kinda getting me to like the 600 one, so whats your advice for me! i know that the 250 does not have that max speed thouth but in my country , this will get me tons of fines on the streets lol.