dose the drums on guitar hero teach you how to play drums???

August 9, 2009 6:39pm CST
i have heard off alot of pepole that if you can play a song on drums on expert on guitar hero than you can play that song on a set of real drums is this true?? because i am thinking of getting the drum set for it coz the guitar is now boring me coz it is nothing like playing in real life.
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12 Aug 09
I'm not sure if it teaches how to play the drums. But it does a great job at teaching rhythm, timing, etc.
12 Aug 09
yer but you can learn rhythem n timing on the guitar but thats all u learn
@HeavyGat (32)
• Philippines
13 Sep 10
in my opinion... umm yeah, it'll somehow teach you how to play a real drum, timing body coordination and rhythm. it has 5 pads (3 circle pads and 2 cymbals) with 1 foot pedal. from Hard to Expert, it'll get you close on playing a real drums. it's good to practice at Easy or Medium (easy is kinda boring) and when you're comfortable with your coordination (hands and foot) you can jump to Hard and if you're bored to Hard difficulty jump to Expert! (it's the almost closest thing as a real basic drum kit)
• United States
4 Jul 10
Not exactly. On Expert, you're hitting every note in the actual song, but you're hitting 4 little pads, not a full drumset, you know? See, it's -close- to accurate... I mean, you're hitting one particular pad for snare, etc, but to better explain it, I can put it this way. A guitar hero drumset - 4 pads. A real drumset has much more equipment than that. You don't learn how to use 4 different cymbals by tapping on one pad for all of them. You also don't learn about adjusting the velocity (Pressure) of each strike. tl;dr : You'll learn the rhythm, but that's about it.
@kori8274 (201)
• Mexico
19 May 10
I havenĀ“t reached the expert level, but i think it is true, because the drum se simulates very well real drums, and the expert level helps you to improve your speed with the sticks when playing in a real drum.