Have my gmail accounts been hacked???

@angelajoy (1839)
August 9, 2009 10:43pm CST
I have 2 gmail accounts. At first I wasn't able to log in to my first account, and I thought I typed my username and password correctly, so I decided to reset my password. In order to reset my password, google asked me my security question. I answered it correctly and I was able to reset my password. I tried logging in with my new password and I was able to log in successfully. After that I tried to log in to my second account, and it rejected me too. I was sure that I typed everything right. So I tried to reset my password again but I didn't even know the security question that google asked me. I don't remember choosing it as my security question. Is anyone else having problems with their gmail? I'm afraid that my accounts might have been hacked. Also, will my first account be safe now as I have already reset its password?
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• India
10 Aug 09
your gamil has not been hacked.make sure you entered evrything correctly.Try opening in other browser.clear cookies then try again...
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@angelajoy (1839)
• Philippines
10 Aug 09
Thanks. I was not able to open my accounts again with the same passwords, so I changed my passwords. At first, I couldn't change the password of one of my accounts, but after I kept on trying I was finally able to change it. After I changed the passwords of both accounts I was able to log in to them. I really don't understand what happened to my accounts because I've been using the same usernames and passwords for weeks. And I've been checking my e-mails every week.