why am I not paid up till now?

August 10, 2009 6:34am CST
yesterday I responded to several discussions here. But today when I checked my account, I can not find any money . 24 hours has passed , why havenot I been paid? I find this disappointing and I do not how to go on with it .
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• India
10 Aug 09
Hi, friend. Mylot earnings generally update every 24 hours. But, it happens sometimes, especially in weekends, that it may take 2-4 days for earnings to update. And, it is not just you but everybody`s earnings have not been updated from 3 days. But, don`t worry, mylot is not a scam. So, you will get your earnings, maybe in today`s update. By the way, don`t start/respond to any discussions related to mylot earnings. As per mylot guidelines, such discussions are generally deleted and their earnings not added. Happy Mylotting!!
• China
10 Aug 09
hi, first I want to say "thank you " to you . I have been poor for some time. Your words really give me hope. happiness does not come easy, but we get together to find it . thank you again!