Desire control us. Are u aware of that?

@sutent (1061)
August 10, 2009 8:11am CST
Hi, Most of us was controlled by our desire. Are u aware of that? When we are students, we study hard due to the desire of getting a higher score or acquiring a better education background. After graduation, we get a work. And we work hard, due to the desire of chasing reputation and benefit. In a word, desire control us and force us to do most things. Are u aware of that? What's your opinion? Look forward to your viewpoint. Happy mylotting!
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@appleit (104)
• United States
10 Aug 09
Did you hear this story: In a small village of the west of United States,a poor boy in that year of 15-year-old, wrote down his remarkable momentum of the "wishes of all one's life": "Go to the Nile, the Amazon River and Congo River to explore, to board the Mount Everest, to write a book, have an invention patent, to raise one million dollars of contribution to the chidren... ..." He has enumerated the grand wishes of 127 of life without a break. Don't say the realization of them, it is enough to let people be awed even at the sight. But the teenager's heart was stired as the sail vigor to get up by that huge "Wish of all one's life", all his attention had already been drawn tightly by that "Wish of all one's life", let him begin to the endless journey of transferring the dream into the realistic, after the rain and snow, he had actually turned the long-cherished wishes which was close to the fantasy into pieces of real reality, he had tasted the joy of fight and success again and again. 44 years later, he finally achieved the desires of 109 in "wishes of al one's lift" at last ...... he is the famous explorer John Goddard in the 20th century. How many life wishes do you have? Seriously write them on the paper quickly, and share with your family and friends. Are you ready? Start writing them now.
@sutent (1061)
• China
10 Aug 09
Hi, I am impressive on your story, although its central idea is some kind of opposite to my topic. It is a good story of incentive. Wishes urge us to do more, try more and success more. So start write your wishes and turn them to reality. Maybe in the future, you will a great man. Happy mylotting!
@bulzika (280)
• Dominican Republic
10 Aug 09
I control my desire