If there was one event in your life you could do over, what would that event be?

August 10, 2009 10:15am CST
Hmm theres a few things I wanna do over, but I am not entirely sure of one thing in particular I would. If nnything Id change the fact of how much of a pushover I was in hghschool and make myself a little bit more stronger.. What would you do over if you had a chance?
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@xfahctor (14128)
• Lancaster, New Hampshire
10 Aug 09
I'm sure every one of us wishes we had a "backspace" button on our life's keyboard. How many of us have almost litteraly watched words float away from our mouths wishing we could catch them and retrieve them before they reached the intended ears? How many of us have done something and instantly realized before the consiqunses even hit that we could rewind and either not do it, or do it differently? The sad fact is we don't have these abilities. This is why it is important to weigh every action and word we choose. People all to often don't think about the consiquences of words and actions, the result often being a situation we regret. But, in truth, what would we learn? Often times, we cannot know the consiquences of what we do and say, or they are such that we never imagined they would be. I have a saying I often use and it is relevent here..."life is a stern master but one learns well from it". I have often asked myself, what I would have done differently in my life when I look back on it. But I have almost always arived at the answer of "nothing". I would change nothing. What I have been through in my life, experienced in it, done it it, not done in it has made me who and what I am. The good and the bad, all of it has shaped me, molded me and made me grow. I am greatfull for all the harsh lessons life has taught me, though I may have cursed that lesson at the time, in retrospect, it was nessesary, like our parents when we were children, we cursed the diciplin we were given, but were it not for thatdiciplin, what would we be as adults? Are we not thank full for the most part for the lessons our parents taught us? Life is no different in that aspect.
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• United States
11 Aug 09
There are a lot of things, too bad you're not my therapists or you would be a zillionaire. I would surely change a lot of things that happened to me but then that would change how my life took all sorts of directions and what a wild ride it has been. I guess I wouldn't change anything, I would change everybody else instead.
@webearn99 (1743)
• India
10 Aug 09
If I had the chance of doing over one event in my life, I would go back to the beginning of my career and take up teaching profession. That way I would have done some visible good to the society and would certainly have seen my boys grow up and be there for them when the needed me most. My job in construction industry meant long durations away from home. Now I hardly know my sons. There is no bonding or any memory of good times! We are just 'Cordial friends'.
10 Aug 09
Well although I have no regrets so to speak about events in my past as they made me the person I am today. I would say that if I could change one event in my life it would have been the day I took the decision to call it a day with my first true love. I may look back at those times with rose tinted glasses but I do realise that she was the only girlfriend I have ever been truly in love with. It does make me wonder what life would be like for me now if I hadn't made that decision. But there is no real point in wondering as there is nothing I can do to go back and change things.