Can not find time for all my friends

@jugsjugs (13045)
August 10, 2009 4:02pm CST
I find it very hard to find time for all of my friends.Recently a few of my friends were saying that i had not been out with them for a while for a drink then said i never go to see them.How do you tell people that if you go out you are made to feel guilty for going out,as you have to get the husband to babysit his children?
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• China
13 Aug 09
Perhaps after the establishment of family and friends from both between the less, we are busy working to take care of their families. But I think that all around us, if the lack of friends, may step. Is too busy, we can call to chat, and then, to find a space of time we have gathered about them. I think this is necessary.
• United States
10 Aug 09
I myself am a homebody, and would rather stay at home than go out even if its to spend time with friends. I have lost more than a few friends because of it but I have come to realize the friends I still have are closer to me than the others ever were. I would explain to all your friends the situation. If they don't understand then maybe they aren't the quality of friends you deserve. Instead of going out can you have them come over? That way you wouldn't have to leave the kids alone with your husband as you would still be home. If your children go to school or daycare could you arrange to meet your friends for lunch? It should never be about how much time you spend with your friends just that you enjoy being with them. Another option my favorite is chatting online or on the phone. If you put them on speaker you still have use of both hands and could even be doing housework while spending time with them.