When I'm feeling blue- I get a tattoo!!!!

United States
August 10, 2009 11:46pm CST
I have lots of tats!! LEFT SIDE OF MY BODY: -smiley face by my left thumb -Three hearts on my left wrist -Big Celtic cross on the topside of my left forearm -A "V" on my upper left arm (BIG MISTAKE LOL) -A big number "84" in left upper chest area -Three big music notes above my left knee on the top of my thigh -Butterfly on left calf -small cross on outside of left ankle -cartoon bunny on inside of left ankle RIGHT SIDE OF MY BODY: -barbed wire around right wrist area -a big tribal design on underside of right forearm -small Gemini symbol on right side of my chest -The initials "F.T.W." above right knee on top of my thigh -A big fancy "A" on the outside of right lower part of my leg -Chain of symbols around right ankle (emotion faces, a heart, a club, a spade, a diamond) -star on top of my right foot right below my big toe. Add all that up... and it is A LOT (lol). Seems like every time life might become boring or change is just due in some way or another- I end up getting a new tattoo. It kind of sucks, because I end up judged for the tats I have. The weird glances in the grocery store make me regret some of them. At the same time- I appreciate ALL art for exactly what it is, and my body art is a part of me and who I am. I'm just as sweet and nice now as I was before I got them. The theory that only rebels or criminals or hood rats have tats is totally false. Anyone and everyone is entitled to use the canvas that is our skin without being judged for it!
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@chi2nasrin (1102)
• Malaysia
14 Aug 09
that is a lot of "blue". Can't help smiling reading this one. I can feel that you are a cherry person though. Makes me think of one of my friends, he has a Doraemon (the famous cartoon) on his leg! We always tease him that's why he always wear long pants, only his wife can see that all the time. Don't get blue all the time, you will run out of canvas!!