Wii motion plus?

August 11, 2009 1:46am CST
Hey guys has anybody used one off the new Wii motion plus add-ons, are they worth the money or not?
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11 Aug 09
Well, it definitely enhances the playing experience! I'm pretty sure that Nintendo is going to include the Motion Plus add-on in future games as well, so why not buy it? ;) If you want to experience your Wii to the fullest then I think you should get the Motion Plus.
• Australia
11 Aug 09
Thanks for the response, I think ill go purchase it in the Sports resort pack and see what it's all about.
@Rina99 (12)
• Canada
7 Apr 13
It is not worth the money. The games work well without them. However, if you are planning to get the new Wii, some games require it. In my experience, we tried using the add-ons for Just Dance, and BECAUSE it made it more accurate, you would do worst than normal, so it depends on the game.