What is mean by "Salam"

November 13, 2006 9:36am CST
Plz tell me what is salam or islam
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@arezk32 (37)
• Indonesia
21 Jun 07
I'am a new member of mylot.com I'am a moslem & I'am Indonesian. Let me tell you what I know about salam & moslem. Salam is a way to say "hello" (it mean hope&pray). Islam is moslem (in Indonesian) &for Me, islam is religion that make me better in this world, extremely different from terrorist. Thanks Best Regards, arezk32
• United States
13 Nov 07
I am Mouslim too from Pakistan. Assalam o Alaykum my dear Muslim brother and hello my all Mylot friends. Islam means "Peace" and Muslim means "Peaceful" who ensure the peace all around him/her all the people around him/her. But he is also responsible to prohibit them who are willing to destroy the Peace of the world and part of the world where he is living.
@isaelmas (159)
• India
13 Nov 07
Islam means submission to God's will. there are five pillars of Islam. 1st pillar is shahada(i testify that there is no God but Allah and i testify that Muhammad(pbuh) is the messenger of Allah. 2nd pillar-salah which means offering prayers 5 times a day. 3rd pillar-fasting in the month of ramazan. 4th-zakath or charity. 5th-pilgrimage to Makkah (4th and 5th pillars are optional for those who cant afford) Salam is a greeting which means peace. when you say Assalam aleikum(greeting) it means peace be upon you. the other person will greet back Walekum assalam which means peace be upon you too.