how will you prefer to ask favors from... Family or friends?

@jaizhi (260)
August 11, 2009 6:29am CST
If you are in debt or in a situation where you need help... who would you prefer to ask help from? Favors that are asked from friend are favors that you can pay. Unlike when you ask favor from family or relatives you are forever in debt even if you have already paid. What would you feel if you have already paid and yet the person you have once owned a favor from wont stop counting the favor he/she gave you? I asked this cause I had same problem. I once owed my sister a favor, when my 1st baby died she was the one who helped my husband fix my sons burial because I am still in the hospital. NOw on my 2nd son my sister is asking me to pay the favor she gave me by naming my son to what she wanted. But me and my husband have a name to give already. My sister got mad and said that I dont know how to give back what I owe. She also told me that she wanted to have my baby as payment when I never agreed to such set up eversince.
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@Margajoe (4718)
• Germany
11 Aug 09
Who does she think she is? God? She has no right to ask anything back. She did not do you a favour, she helped out. But that is normal. Doing something out of love means you don't ask for anything in return. After all , when is was the other way around, you would have done the same for her. That is only natural. You don't expect things back for helping out. Especially from your family. You are happy you could help out.