do you believe in ghosts??

ghost - ghost
@ashoks17 (190)
November 13, 2006 9:38am CST
do you believe in ghosts??..i dont believe...what r ur opinions
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• China
2 Jan 07
I believe ghost, but I think they don't hurt people
@ossie16d (11827)
• Australia
16 Nov 06
Well I have never actually seen one but do not discount that there are some spirits wandering around on this earth. :)
@macubx (11422)
• Philippines
13 Nov 06
i hate to believe in it.. but its inevitable.
• India
13 Nov 06
yeah i do believe.. bcoz i hav seen.. i hav seen them near abt 3 to 4 times... if u believe in god.. u shud believe in ghosts too...
@Lxandra79 (1536)
• United States
13 Nov 06
A nice pic 4 u:) - nice view
I do belive...even tho i havent seen any..but I do watch the shows showing here like...ghost hunters..and other ones i cant remember. Have you seen any?
• United States
13 Nov 06
Yes, as I have felt the spirits at times. And, there are documented experiences of this.
• India
13 Nov 06
nooooooo i don't believe in them but damn scray of horror movires