Do you like riding in cycle???

@rlaknar (616)
August 11, 2009 9:00am CST
Dear friends, Yesterday I went to shop with by cycle.After a long time I used my cycle. I really enjoyed a lot and remembered a lot from my life. I never forget the first ride I made. I fell down for about 10 times and got injured when I was 12. I then learned cycling. At what age you started riding in cycle?? Do you like riding in cycle now?? Please Share your memorable moments of cycling..
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@kelly10 (678)
22 Dec 09
I like cycling but it is something that I don't do too often. This is because I am not confident on the road and don't like being near cars and lorries. Where I live there are not many cycle paths and the one that is closest to us runs along side a dissused trainline but you have to use the road to get to it and it's a busy road. My most memoralble time cycling was on a holdiay and we went cycling everyday, but everywhere had cycle lanes so it was very safe. In five days we actually cycled hundreads of miles which I have never done so I felt very pleased with myself.
@jaiho2009 (39001)
• Philippines
12 Aug 09
Hello friend, I started to learn riding the bicycle when i was about 10 years old.It was odd,but i learned that fast,i don't have any injury like those of first timer.Or maybe becoz,at very young age i was able to control my balance. I still enjoyed riding bicycle,and so with my kids,and this made me missed the days when me and my friends roam around riding our cycles.....really missed it now
@tiyumi (39)
• China
11 Aug 09
Hi:) I began to ridein cycle when I was 11. And then I went to the school every day in junior school by bike. I like riding very much. Riding a bike is really good for our health. Not only it can improve our mental ability, but also we can breathe the fresh air when we ride a bike. Because I lived in the high school, I had not riden for that 3 years. But I am in college now and I can ride every day. I often ride to attend the classes. And now the thing I want to do most is to travel by riding a bike . I hope I can do that someday.