Team Edward or Jacob?

United States
August 11, 2009 11:30am CST
I am absolutely on Edward's team!!.sorry Jacob fans but Edward is just alot hotter than Jacob.Edward is way sweeter too!!.Youu just can't help but to fall in love with him!!.
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• United States
13 Aug 09
Team Edward here!!! Jacob is certainly lookin' hot in the New Moon trailers, but from the books, I am definitely in love with Edward. I just cannot get over how much Edward truly loves Bella. I will always be a member of Team Edward.
11 Aug 09
I'm not much of a Twilight fan anymore, but i've been on Team Jacob since Day 1. It's weird how everyone's Team Jacob now..
• Canada
11 Aug 09 edward. but only the one from the book. I don't like the one in the movie.