How late in the year do you camp?

@laglen (19782)
United States
August 11, 2009 12:01pm CST
I live in Colorado in the Us. We were just discussing when it is too late in the year to camp. I say it is never too late. We have good gear and three large dogs to keep us warm. We have camped as late as November and as early as March. What is your opinion on this. By the way, it is cheaper to camp off season.
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@AL191G (9)
21 Dec 09
I live in the UK.I love camping and have been doing it since i was 3 months old (43 years old now),it's all mum and dad could afford for a holiday when i was young but we enjoyed it even though it was only ever in the summer months,that all stopped when i was about fifteen(they committed the biggest sin known to man-they bought a hot sweaty tin box on wheels(caravan))so i didn't go on holiday with them any more.i turned 16 and joined a motorcycle club that were into camping in a big way,we didn't need an organised site or an event to go to,it could be a club members back garden or a farmers field in the middle of the countryside,it made no difference to us as long as we had music,food and booze we were ok.the weather made no difference either,the only time we wouldn't go camping was the 2 weeks of christmas.virtually every other weekend throughout the year(good times)