what you need in your life to say that you are successful?

United States
August 11, 2009 6:47pm CST
For me I would say that at the moment that I get my business and the car of my dreams! the nissan skyline.
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@besthope44 (12145)
• India
8 Jul 10
Success always bring satisfaction.Focus, smartwork and perseverance are the keys for success.
@EliteUser (3971)
• Australia
24 Sep 09
Hey, Yea that is quite good, many of my friends always have wanted to get a Skyline, whenever they would see one on the road, they would always yell out 'Skyline!'. Personally, I wouldn't mind some more money. Make sure you have a good day, God bless and Happy Lotting!!
@khayshenz (1387)
• United States
1 Sep 09
Ohhhh mannn what a loaded question. I think success or the idea of success changes every time you meet the "goal." At this point- for me, success would mean being free from debt, and being able to run a good 5 miles for 50 minutes (yeap, 10-minute mile). But will I be satisfied once I get there? I don't think so. I guess I don't really know how to answer this question. Since the idea of success will keep on being dynamic for me - as my life changes, my goals will change or they become even bigger.
@tianyang (10)
• China
12 Aug 09
In my opinion,as long as i have a career,have a happy family,is enough!
@LiAXaZu (184)
• Philippines
12 Aug 09
i could say that i am successful when i have a healthy happy family, i am surrounded by my friends, but at the same time still be able to do what i love which is play music. :) and maybe have a stable job in which i enjoy. hehe
@clorissa123 (4930)
• United States
12 Aug 09
Wow, I dream bigger. The day I have my own businesses going on, with stable customers account, and the girl I love along my side. Also, the cars I dreamt to have, then I can say that I am successful.
11 Aug 09
When I have the car I want, a million dollars, great friends, and when I am finally content with my life.