A whole week without my gurl

@imsilver (1668)
August 11, 2009 7:36pm CST
It's only day one so I'm doing okay but I have a feeling it's going to be along week. My youngest is out of town with a friend for a week. And not just anywhere out of town but somewhere so remote that it's only accessible by boat or seaplane. Even if either of us changes our mind about this trip; she is now stuck out there until the boat comes back on Sunday. She's always been social and it's not unusual for me to barely see her on the weekends. She's usually staying out at one friends or another. But a whole week??? That's even longer than they normally last at my parent's house when they go for vacation. I know that my gurl is going to have a blast and it's sooo beautiful out there she probably won't even have time to miss me. At least, I hope she doesn't. Part of me is afraid that she's miserable out there and going to be stuck miserable until the weekend. I'm gonna keep my fingers crossed that this isn't the case. Like I said, it's only the first day so I'm not miserable yet but I'm already going to be so happy when Sunday gets here.
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