How much do you save in a month..

United Arab Emirates
August 12, 2009 2:29am CST
How much do you save in a month. A very short, consise and clear question targeted to mylotters reason being I'm wondering how much do people actually put aside for the rainy day and how do they manage to save loadsomes within a short span of time..
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@lkbooi (16101)
• Malaysia
13 Aug 09
Hi doreen, it’s a good habit to save part of our income monthly. I don’t earn much money every month, I still insist to save at least 10 % of my monthly income. Though the regular saving is not much, I believe many a little will make a miracle. I hope I could earn more money every month so that I could credit more than 10 percent of money into my saving account monthly Well it’s always nice for us to provide against a rainy day With the saving at least we could get our immediate problem solved rather easily than without any saving. Happy posting and have a nice day!
@family4 (53)
• Canada
12 Aug 09
My husband and I currently have 1/3 of our total monthly income taken off automatically and put in a separate account. It was a little difficult at first but it was just cutting down on the unneccessary extras we don't scrimp and do enjoy nights out and vacations but nothing to extreme. We are not living paycheck to paycheck and are happy to see that account growing giving us a piece of mind that we have some back up for rainy day or what have you. It took us 6 months to get from 10% of our income saved to the 30-35% we now do.
@venshida (4837)
• United States
12 Aug 09
I saved 10 to 15% of my income for years. I am not able to save any monies because I am unemploy now.
@ucue2008 (926)
• Malaysia
12 Aug 09
I save around 1/15 of my pay and I plan to increase by 1/10, but it not possible since i have things to pay, especially my loan, my loan already takes near half of my pay. ( more precise around 1/3). I kind a budget person not spend freely, but as I do not earn much, I have to be thankful of what I have and at the same time try to earn more.
• Philippines
12 Aug 09
My family saves a money in bank and on hands..the actual money is budgetted for the whole months.including the payment for utilities, grocery purchases, and other savings for emergency purposes. The best ways to do is to plan ahead and itemize the amounts of money of spending to things which are the most needed and the remaining money goes to savings. This assurance that my family is secure whatever seasons the year, may it comes rainy or dry seasons..