Unwanted Advice, Some people are so irritating!!

United States
August 12, 2009 3:35am CST
I try not to let anything that other people do bother me but sometimes it is so hard to overlook how nosy and awful people can be! The worst offenders in my eyes have to be the ones who think they know everything and they are willing to tell you what you are doing wrong (in their opinion!) and how to fix it. It's even worse when they have appointed themselves as the internet police (for example) and tell you what you are doing wrong on the internet. I just want to tell them to go away, forever! I personally do not offer advice to people unless they ask for it. And I wish others would be that way too because I don't want advice from anyone because I can tell you, most of the time, those people are not qualified to give advice about any thing at all! Perhaps you wonder why I passively accept it when people tell me what to do, well I don't always but there are some situations that are just better handled low-key. Once you start making waves and complaining, then you are the one who comes off looking bad and not the idiot who is the instigator of it all. Which in some situations would be okay but there's places you want to continue to hang out that you don't want to ruin for yourself. I know this is vague, sorry about that but it has to be since I don't want to ruin certain places for myself by mentioning any names and places. Oh, I will mention that this has nothing to do with my family this time!
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@his0yir (258)
12 Aug 09
I can understand very well this kind of situation, since me and my best friend usually discuss about it. It is more common in office; while one can easily ignore any 'advice' on the Internet, it is impossible to turn away when you are surrounded with colleagues, boss, clients, and various people related to your work. Some people give others 'advice' because they think it will do other people good and in order to see any change in your life they sometimes press hard. It is telorable if everything ends here. However, there are cased that they has such strong belief in themselves that they think you will be doomed if their opinions are not followed promptly. Some of my family are like this. They will push hard until I accept their 'advice', otherwise they blame me for being stubborn and consider me give up a good lifestyle. It can go as serious as they want. Some people are more sneaky. They advise because there's something in it for them to gain, i.e., they want to take advantage of others by manipulating them. Psychologically, they are self-centred and lack of confidence. They don't think they are able to succeed without stepping on other people's heads. The problem is, once they find you are useful, they will hook on you with endless 'advice' and lectures, like flies buzzing around. It is good to listen to genuine advice, yet everyone should have his own choice. We have free will and we can make judgement of ourselves; other people's opinions should not direct our lives. If you can stand on your ground and know what's in your heart, no advice can annoy you no matter how awful and how deliberate it is.
@ElicBxn (60892)
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12 Aug 09
LTNS! I just ignore them, if they are on a site I can push "ignore" then I do so